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Traffic Citations

Traffic citations can be an annoyance, but they can be much costlier later on down the line.  Traffic citations, even minimal ones, can cause:

  • Increases in car insurance premiums
  • Loss of car insurance
  • Suspension of driving privileges
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Inability to obtain certain types of licenses

In addition, having blemishes on your driving record can affect your ability to obtain or keep certain jobs.  

Many traffic citations can be handled by a skilled attorney without the presence of the driver.  Jerry can not only go to court, alleviating you the need to sit in traffic court, possibly for hours, but also explore alternative programs to try to keep that mistake off of your driving record.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Being arrested for Driving Under the Influence can have serious repercussions. Your license can be suspended or revoked, causing difficulties in everyday life and your ability to maintain employment. Furthermore, a conviction for even a misdemeanor DWI can drastically increase your insurance rates or preclude you from obtaining certain classifications of licenses.

It is important that a DUI arrest be addressed immediately, and doing so with a knowledgeable attorney may prevent suspension of license and may help you enter a diversion program to prevent the conviction entirely.

Having formerly prosecuted felony offenses involving Driving Under the Influence, Jerry knows the programs that are available to prevent conviction, how to critically analyze field sobriety test results, and chemical testing reports. If a case must go to trial, Jerry has trial experience with DUI cases and can provide exceptional presentation of the case to a judge or jury.


A mistake doesn’t have to stay with you forever. Through the expungement laws, you may be able to remove records of a conviction from the view of the public and put the mistake in your past. Qualifying for an expungement is not necessarily straightforward, however, and a skilled attorney may be the difference between having your request granted or denied.

Jerry’s knowledge of the expungement laws will help maximize your chance of success and put that mistake in your past.

Probation Revocation

On probation for an offense and find yourself looking at the possibility of being revoked and spending that time in jail? Early intervention with a good attorney may be the difference between staying out to take care of your family, or serving that suspended sentence in jail.

Jerry has extensive experience with probation revocation matters and can work with your probation officer and the court to try and achieve the best possible result.

Possession with the Intent to Distribute

If you or a loved one gets caught with an illegal controlled dangerous substance, they will likely be facing prosecution for a misdemeanor, or felony, depending on the substance. Even if the drugs were possessed for personal use, the State may decide to charge an arrested subject with Possession with Intent to Distribute, greatly increasing the penalties.

As soon as you retain Jerry, he will immediately get to work obtaining police reports, drug analysis reports, and other related evidence. Jerry will assess the case and determine the best way to proceed, and present you with the options so that you can make an informed decision.

Recent changes in the drug laws have opened doors to alternative prosecution paths, such as diversion, probation, specialty court programs. Early intervention may facilitate entry into a special program to avoid being charged at all, or ensure that the State files the appropriate charge when that time comes. Failure to address these issues immediately can result in the State filing inflated charges that tie the prosecutor’s hands in dealing with the case later on.

Get an attorney involved as soon as possible after arrest to increase your chances for a positive outcome. Jerry’s experience with screening and prosecuting drug offenses is invaluable in advocating for a good outcome before charges are filed, or once the case goes to court. Jerry’s experience trying drug offenses before a judge and jury will insure exceptional advocacy, should the case require trial for resolution.

Theft and White-Collar Crimes

Because theft and property crimes are financial in nature, there is an added element of a victim who wants to be made whole.  Often cases can be resolved quickly with a good result if restitution can be made.  Also, because the severity of the punishment is often based on the amount of the theft, there are typically opportunities to resolve the case with a lesser offense. The sooner you retain a skilled attorney, the better off you will be.

When you retain Jerry, he will get to work collecting information and evidence that may be helpful in your defense and evaluating mitigating actions that can be taken.


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